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Company Overview


Established in 2012, Agrisol India Pvt. Ltd is a research and development-driven chemical manufacturing company dedicated to the production of ACETAMIPRID, BIFENTHRIN, CARTAP, DIAFENTHIURON, IMIDACLOPRID, THIOMETHAXAM, TEBUCONAZOLE, PACLOBUTRAZOLE. Agrisol India Pvt. ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of Agro Chemical Products. Considering the need for these products in the global market.

Our team can produce custom-built products, and work on a contract manufacturing basis with you:

Agrisol India Pvt. ltd has a world-class manufacturing plant based in Kurnool, India. To meet our customers’ demands from around the globe, we have sales offices across the globe.

Agrisol India Pvt. ltd is committed to serving customers with quality products by investing in our company and continually improving our facilities. We’re also certified with ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50018: 2018, and ISO 9001:2018. This exceeds GMP guidelines.

The Rise of Agrisol

The Agrisol manufacturing plant is conceptually set up in an industrially and economically backward area to uplift the local communities.

Despite several odds, the Management selected the location to create employment in their native place.

Educate and engaging local people became the primary goal of the Management.

Mission and Vision

To establish a technocrat venture with a focused objective of manufacturing high-quality import substitute technical-grade agrochemicals and intermediates for domestic and international markets.

To be prominent among the rest with high standards of product quality and environmental protection.

To make a modest business have a global dominance.

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